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Reaction: Marianela Boán’s Voyeur

Posted September 7th, 2007

In Voyeur, by Cuban choreographer Marianela Boán, dancers Bethany Formica and Scott McPheeters live inside a plastic playhouse. Restless and agitated with one another, Formica and McPheeters manage their marital dysfunction by avoiding each other around the house. Like fish in a coral reef, they dive and loop in and out of the doors, windows, and roof of their home, periodically considering an exit, but never taking it.

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Webisode 5: What’s pink, furry, and drinks lager on talk shows?

Posted September 6th, 2007

The clown in this webisode! Representing the director of Machine World Gospel, David Commander, this clown will talk with Scott and earn his $6 an hour – or die drinking it. Click here to watch, unless you’re afraid of clowns.

Shows for Flag-Wavers, Anarchists, Sex Enthusiasts

Posted September 6th, 2007

Can’t decide what to see? Here, we’ve grouped Live Arts shows into categories based on content, theme, structure, and other special interests you might have.

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Headlong Dance Theater Blog

Posted September 5th, 2007

Headlong Dance Theater, one of Philly’s finest homegrown dance companies, has started a blog. Click here to read all about the concept, development, and rehearsal process of their Live Arts show, Explanatorium.


Webisode 4: Skeletor scares Scott Johnson

Posted September 5th, 2007

Scott Johnson chats it up with the Overlord of Evil – SKELETOR! In this very exclusive webisode, Skeletor addresses the recent rumors (yes, those rumors) AND plugs his Philly Fringe Appearances! Click here to watch.


Reaction: No Dice

Posted September 5th, 2007

Anneliese Van Arsdale and Ellery Biddle on No Dice

After the directors of Nature Theater of Oklahoma serve you a complimentary ham sandwich and Dr. Pepper, their show, No Dice, begins with three actors who are absolutely overflowing with silliness—they don costumes that appear to have been pulled out of a high school drama club costume closet or a play chest belonging to a family of oversized children. They speak in accents that are sometimes Scottish, German, maybe French, and maybe cockney—but with no attempt at accuracy. They romp about stage making bizarre gestures and facial expressions while speaking banal bits and pieces of conversation with strange, exaggerated intonations of a melodrama full of likes, and uhs, and mid-sentence corrections and redirections.

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Somehow this overflow of what mostly seems like meaningless drivel continually becomes something familiar-sounding and at sometimes, interesting. When their accents disappear, their conversations suddenly seem normal.

“Are you drunk?”
“I wouldn’t say drunk — but I’ve had a 2 or 3 glasses of wine.”
“I love the way alcohol makes me feel.”

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Press: PGN Features LGBT Artists and Shows

Posted September 5th, 2007

Fringe and Live Arts shows including Kinetic Architecture’s Bob Hope’s Nightmare, Pig Iron’s Isabella, 11th Hour’s Six of One, and Azuka Theatre’s Sweetie Piewere featured this week in Philadelphia Gay News. Click here to read this article.

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Press: City Paper on Bobbi Block’s LEAP!

Posted September 5th, 2007

Philly improv extraordinaire Bobbi Block brings a brilliant group of veteran actors into the land of longform improv in LEAP! See the world premiere this Friday at the Arden. Click here to find out what City Paper has to say about LEAP!

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Podcast: Cynthia Hopkins

Posted September 5th, 2007

This week, Cynthia Hopkins’ Must Don’t Whip ‘Um was featured on the Sound of Young America. Variety writes of Must Don’t Whip ‘Um:
“Hopkins’ voice…is the primary weapon at play. Hopkins is gifted with an instrument of uncanny tone, almost angelic, and her phrasing at times clips her lyrics with acidic tinges that bring to mind Billie Holiday’s combination of aching passion and brains.” Sound good to you? Click here to download the podcast.

Press: Charles Anderson’s X’s and O’s

Posted September 5th, 2007

Charles Anderson is more than just your average a dancer-choreographer-academic-engineer. Read all about the making of Tar, Anderson’s new work that will premiere at the Painted Bride tonight. Tar will feature original choreography by Anderson with help from South African choreo Vincent Mantsoe, music by King Britt and Monica McIntyre, and video art by Amze Emmons.
Click here to read City Paper’s recent interview with Anderson.

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Webisode #1: Thaddeus Phillips talks Flamingo/Winnebago with Scott Johnston

Posted September 5th, 2007

In the first of our festival webisodes by the video masters at Woodshop Films, Fringe Cabaret curator Scott Johnston interviews local playwright/director Thaddeus Phillips about Flamingo/Winnebago, the Lucidity Suitcase Intercontinental’s Live Arts show. It also includes some clips from the show. Click here to watch.


Press: We’ve Got the Whole World in Our Hands (according to City Paper)

Posted September 4th, 2007

Be sure to check out City Paper’s ever-expanding arsenal of great Live Arts and Fringe Reviews. Click here to read one of their first big features, “Fringe Takes on the World.”

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Dance: Ea Sola and the Vietnam Opera Ballet of Hanoi

Posted September 3rd, 2007

The Philadelphia Live Arts Festival will proudly present the world renowned Company Ea Sola performing Drought and Rain Vol. 2 at Temple’s Tomlinson Theater this Thursday, September 6th, through Sunday, September 9th. Choreographer Ea Sola grew up in the South of Vietnam during the war. After living and studying modern dance in Paris for fifteen years, she returned to Vietnam in 1989. She has devoted much of her career to exploring the history and culture of Vietnam through dance; her work that focuses on the Vietnam War has recieved tremendous critical acclaim throughout Europe and Asia.

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Music and Dancin’: Le Chat Lunatique this Wednesday at the Cabaret

Posted September 3rd, 2007

Django Reinhardt, call your office. Le Chat Lunatique brings more to the table than your average New Mexican gypsy jazz quartet. Their sound lends a wiggle to the hips and a shake to the shoulder, and their impeccably-groomed mustaches add an irresistibly charming element of Francophile sleaze to the act.

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Press: Brrr! Philly Fringe Goes South

Posted September 3rd, 2007

Check out the South Philly Review’s extensive coverage of Fringe and Live Arts shows by South Philly artists. Click here to read Caitlin Meals’ articles from last week (8/30) and the week before (8/23).


Press: “Still Over the Top” says the Inquirer

Posted September 3rd, 2007

…One person’s avant-garde is another person’s weird-and-freaky. The idea of “fringe” contains both the “edgy” and the “marginalized,” so get off the middle of that road and hit the streets: The palace of wisdom awaits.

Click here to read Toby Zinman’s scrumptious write up of Fringe and Live Arts highlights from page one of the Inquirer weekend section.

Video Clips: You’re a tube, I’m a tube, we’re all tubes!

Posted September 3rd, 2007

Our YouTube account has video clips from Live Arts shows Delta, Drought and Rain Vol. 2, Festival of Lies, Flamingo/Winnebago, MAP ME, and Songs of the Dragons Flying to Heaven. Click here to visit our page.

Review + Video: Kamerdans

Posted September 3rd, 2007

Last week, while Inquirer editor-in-chief Bill Marimow was on vacation, other Inquirer staff invited Jerome Meyer and Isabelle Chaffaud to perform Kamerdans Marimow’s office. Click here to watch a video clip of their performance. Click here to read the Inquirer’s review of Kamerdans.


Webisode 3: New Paradise Laboratories talks BATCH with Scott Johnston

Posted September 3rd, 2007

In this interview, Whit MacLaughlin, Jeb Kreager, and Mary McCool discuss party culture, hermaphrodites, anti-theater, and the making of BATCH. Click here to watch.

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Reaction: MAP ME

Posted September 1st, 2007

Last night, I saw Belgian dancers Charlotte Vanden Eynde and Kurt Vandendriessche perform MAP ME at the Painted Bride. The average viewer might not classify MAP ME as dance: indeed, there is very little live action in the piece—most of the movement seen is on video. Instead, MAP ME focuses on dance at a more larval stage—Vanden Eynde and Vandendriessche, who perform in the nude throughout most of the show, investigate the body: where bodies come from, how they are made, and what they can do.

< %image(20070831-Map Me_5blog.jpg|250|170|)%>

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