Go Deeper Loosening the Reigns: Gunnar Montana talks KINK HAÜS

Loosening the Reigns: Gunnar Montana talks KINK HAÜS

Posted August 31st, 2017

This Fringe Festival, Gunnar Montana transports us once again, this time to a brutal underground nightclub where no fucks are given, and fierceness is always welcome. His new piece, KINK HAÜS, is dynamic, dark and full of lust. It forces the viewer to acknowledge their own thoughts and feelings in regards to physicality, sexuality and the intimacy intertwined in both those aspects of ourselves. He takes these hot topics, that many people are comfortable avoiding, and brings them to the forefront of our minds. Recently, we got to ask Gunnar Montana about the inspiration and process behind KINK HAÜS.

FringeArts: Describe KINK HAÜS in three words!

Montana: Sexy, Crazy, Fun!

FringeArts: What do you believe is the most interesting aspect of KINK HAÜS?

Montana: The set is quite a spectacle. I spent two straight months constructing it by hand. And as I did, the show, the choreography, and the spatial transformation all took on a mind of their own. It’s a beautifully twisted world of somewhat organized chaos!

FringeArts: What inspired you to create this piece? Was there a particular moment you were struck with inspiration?

Montana: I was in Berlin, Germany a couple years ago and there was an underground nightclub I was quite excited to go to. It’s known for its outrageous club culture and apparently has a sex dungeon basement. Long story short, I was turned away at the door (I guess I wasn’t hip enough). This show was a fun project for myself to recreate everything I thought I might have experienced in that club had I gotten in.

FringeArts: What was your biggest obstacle when working on this show?

Montana: Staying inspired. It can be difficult to create a large piece of work once a year for the Festival. Every year has it’s own challenges, but this year in particular was very difficult during the creative process. Sometimes as an artist and a person we just have to roll with the punches. It’s certainly safe to say that KINK HAÜS packs a punch.

FringeArts: What does KINK HAÜS mean to you?

Montana: I went into the theme and the project with the ultimate goal of “having fun!” I find I can take myself and my art too seriously. This year I loosened the reigns, relaxed into it a little more, and focused on creating a positive environment for myself and those working with me. While it’s been a challenge, I’ve never been more excited to be on stage for Fringe!

Thank you for taking the time to speak with us Gunnar Montana!


Gunnar Montana

$35 / 60 minutes

Running between September 5th – 24th
The Latvian Society
531 N. 7th St


—Kara DeLucia