Go Deeper FREE Fringe Le Grand Continental dancers on the steps on the art museum in Philly

2018 Festival Spotlight: FREE Fringe (part two)

Posted August 30th, 2018

You can Fringe! Everyone can Fringe. In addition to our full slate of free digital offerings, this year’s Festival features nearly twenty shows—curated and independently produced—that are free or pay what you want, leaving the door to contemporary performance art open to all. We previewed a batch of these shows yesterday. Here are some more!

Le Super Grand Continental
Sylvain Émard
The world’s most infectious performance event returns to the famous steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art for an even larger spectacle of dance. Fully realizing a blissful marriage between the pure delight of line dancing and the fluidity and expressiveness of contemporary dance, the celebratory event enlists hundreds of local people to perform its synchronized choreography in large-scale public performances.
More info and tickets here

Love Stories
Denise McCormack
Master storyteller Denise McCormack brings to life literary and traditional tales to capture the essence of women’s issues and issues of the heart. This one-woman stand-up sparks a flood of emotions and memories, as it revisits secret and soulful nuances of motherhood, childhood, family, and life—the dynamics of love. Intended for adults.
More info and tickets here

One Hundred Abstracts
Katharine Goodall
This is an exhibition of paintings displayed in various locations throughout the city. For a list of locations where the paintings are exhibited, please visit
More info and tickets here

Pareidolic Expanses
Orlando Saverino-Loeb
Solo exhibition by Orlando Saverino-Loeb with paintings that stem from an exploration of visual primary sources. “How can I make a painting that eliminates what I want to force on the viewer? I want to give more power to the viewer, because I’ve always thought that the viewer is more important than the painter.”
More info and tickets here

Same Picture Different Poses
3AM Theater
Same Picture Different Poses touches on love stories, past and present. Internationally acclaimed artists Kyle Driggs and Andrea Murillo bring together a unique fusion of circus, dance, and theater for a site-specific work at LOVE Park. The performance delves into diverse relationships and the interwoven web of love.
More info and tickets here

Shelter: A Sculpture Exhibition
Da Vinci Art Alliance / Philadelphia Sculptors
Juried by Elaine Crivelli, this group exhibition features thoughtful and original three-dimensional artworks exploring the idea of shelter. Free public reception on Wednesday, September 5, 6-8 pm, and free gallery hours: Wednesdays from 6-8pm and Saturdays and Sundays from 1-5 pm.
More info and tickets here

Simpatico Theatre Projectx: 4Solo
Simpatico Theatre
Four solo artists contemplate masculinity in America. Together, these pieces—Idaho Shuffle (I), Thomas is Titanic (T), The Best of Me (B), LUVR (L)—explore the repercussions and revelations of our hyper-gendered society through true stories of tap dancing, the Titanic, Bjork, and broken hearts.
More info and tickets here

Think Before You Speak
AIM Academy Drama
Think before you speak. Sounds simple, yet we are often unaware of the impact our words have on others. Young performers talk about subjects such as sexual abuse, privilege, and the constant and rising presence of school shootings in their daily lives.
More info and tickets here

Troilus and Cressida
Revolution Shakespeare
For its fifth anniversary, Revolution Shakespeare presents Troilus and Cressida free to the public in Hawthorne Park. T&C explores Shakespeare’s lesser-known star-crossed lovers during the Trojan War. Acclaimed director Brenna Geffers brings her trademark style to a production with live music, food, and much more.
More info and tickets here

Works on Paper
Da Vinci Art Alliance
A group exhibition, juried by Moe Brooker. While thematically open, this exhibition features the diverse and tactile nature of work with and on paper including drawing or painting on paper; hand-pulled, photographic, or digital prints; collage; and paper constructions. Image: Moe Brooker, Future Memories, mixed media.
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I just want to be FREEEEEEEEE!

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