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2019 Fringe Festival Spotlight: Feminist Fringe

Posted August 30th, 2019

This year’s Fringe Festival has a variety of shows that put womxn at the forefront. Get to know our 2019 Fringe Festival feminist shows.

A Literal Doll House
This deconstruction of Ibsen’s feminist classic A Doll House features the entire play acted out by a girl playing with literal dolls. Do not be fooled: There is more to this show than meets the eye. A struggle that rings true throughout the ages. This is not a one-woman show. Come and find out why.
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fringe festival Feminist shows women's film festivalAnimation Nation Pt. 2
The Women’s Film Festival
The Women’s Film Festival presents an amazing collection of animated films by, for, or about women. Come get a taste of award-winning short films from local and international artists along with a preview of our nine-day festival in March! Bring an open mind with a dusting of imagination! Send submissions to the 2020 festival to twff2020submissions.
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Dancing Again in Lovefringe festival Feminist shows dancing again in love
Sabriaya Shipley, Victoria Goins
Dancing Again in Love is an ode to Black love, a choreopoem that puts the Black femme at the forefront of her story. Taking us on a journey through dance, poetry, and song, it asks whether we choose to repeat generational ways of love or break the cycle and redefine love for ourselves.
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In Transit
Tangle Movement Arts
Stand clear of the closing doors! In this new circus-theater show, nine women climb silks and hang from trapezes as subway rides and bus trips become a platform for aerial dance and intimate moments between strangers. Tangle’s acrobats travel through our public spaces to find love, frustration, and missing umbrellas.
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The Insanity of Mary Girard
Allens Lane Theater
Sarah Heddins plays Mary Girard in this immersive, thought provoking, and fascinating historical drama about the roles that men and women were expected to play in early American society, and just what can happen when you don’t live up to the expectations of your station.
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Medusa Volution
Samieva Theater Company
Medusa the monster is but one in a Pantheon of female archetypes whose stories are the morality plays of the patriarchy. Medusa Volution takes a darkly comedic, immersive look at what is really going on with Medusa and some of her sister archetypes, juxtaposing the message within their stories against interludes of modern womanhood, ultimately with a hopeful urge toward transcendence.
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Out of the Shadows
Blythe E. Smith and Laura Katz Rizzo
Out of the Shadows is a solo performance that follows three generations of women confronted with the question, “Who is Dinah?” It explores the nuances of the #MeToo movement from a personal, spiritual, and historical perspective rooted in the African American experience.
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Period Housefringe festival Feminist shows period house promo
Ragtime Players
The play is a dramatic comedy that tackles issues including motherhood, marital strife, and PMDD, but with a healthy luster of comedy and snappy dialogue. The play is meant to be cathartic for people with periods, and gives folks a rare chance to laugh out loud in public at what otherwise makes them cry silently and privately.
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Proceed with Caution
Lyons and Tigers
Proceed with Caution grapples with personal, social, and global security and trust in the present-day—a time of global violence, the Trump presidency, mass shootings, and the #MeToo movement. A group of performers explore security through dance, video projection, and spoken and recorded words
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fringe festival Feminist shows complexion woman promoRun Boy Run Production Presents: Complex[ion] Woman
Run Boy Run Productions
Complex[ion] Woman explores the intricacies of contemporary women of color. From straightening or curling our hair to coping with difficulties within the Black community, women of color live lives that are unique in their experiences but universal in their issues. But that’s what makes us complex.
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Since They Left: A Pied Piper Musical
Sarah Hough, Nick Hatcher
A musically diverse adaptation of the Pied Piper exploring the oppression of women, people with disabilities, freelance artists, and children by their own society, featuring a cast of women and nonbinary performers. Mystery to myth, myth to story, story to poem, and all pain fades.
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Stripping the Yellow Wallpaper
Valerie Flower and Katherine Reid
A contemporary twist on “The Yellow Wallpaper,” the feminist ghost story that first illuminated the horrors of facing mental illness alone.
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Translation: Cracking the Girl Code
267 Productions Co.
This new musical by Terrell M. Green follows the journey of the first trans girl group to make it mainstream. Five days out from their first world tour, these women fight for equality and acceptance from the world while navigating the demands of the music industry.
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fringe festival Feminist shows women in mummersWomen in Mummers Project
Golden Sunrise NYA
The Women in Mummers Project gives a voice to the hard-working women in the Mummers organization. These women do everything: building huge suits, organizing people, marching in the parade, feeding everyone, and so much more. Come learn about these outstanding women and the Mummers.
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