Digital Fringe 2019

Launching with our Festival on September 5th, these Digital Fringe 2019 pieces are available online for your exploring, listening, and viewing pleasure! Share links using #DigitalFringe on social media!

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Check out the archival pieces from Digital Fringe 2017 and Digital Fringe 2018!

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Digital Fringe 2019 is part of the 2019 Fringe Festival.

digital fringe curated

Suspended Lives / Vidas Suspendidas
Puentes de Salud

digital fringe

Ancestral Movements
Breanna Moore

Miryam Coppersmith

digital fringe

Dear Friend Society 
Loretta Gary / Radical Hearts Print Lab

digital fringe

Grasslands With Out Time
Grasslands With Out Time

If You Can’t Make ’em Laugh, Make ’em Cum: The Life Story of a Thieving, Whoring Saint  
 James Bradford

The Island
Shawn Pierre

Kingdom of Oz: An Immersive Audio Experience
REAL Immersive

digital fringe

Mad Deep Dish


digital fringe 2019

Pseudonym Productions

thimble staged, part of digital fringe 2019

Thimble: Staged
Thimble Literary Magazine

upstage digital fringe

The Upstage
Ann Marley

voicemail poems digital fringe 2019

Voicemail Poems
Voicemail Poems

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