Digital Fringe 2018

Launching with our Festival on September 6th, these digital pieces are available online for your exploring, listening, and viewing pleasure! Share links using #DigitalFringe on social media!

This year, Digital Fringe is presented in collaboration with Philly Game Mechanics, a charitable organization focused on supporting game development and indie game enthusiasts in Philadelphia, PA. Stay tuned for details about their Digital Art Showcase during the 2018 Fringe Festival!

FringeArts also partners with Philly throughout the year, an organization dedicated to growing local technology communities by connecting organizations and people through news, events and services. Sign up to receive the latest on innovation from across the Northeast Corridor, including news, events and jobs from Philly, Baltimore, Brooklyn, D.C. and Delaware. Subscribe to the daily newsletter.

Check out the archival pieces from Digital Fringe 2017!

The Poison Cookie Jar
The Bearded Ladies Cabaret


A Stroke of Luck
Tom Luther

The Artificial Dreamers
Jake O’Brien

Broken Bread (2018)
Woody Fentress and Daniel Ostrov

Chez Vous
Chef Daagh

Choices Podcast
Shawn Pierre

August in the City
Iron Age Theatre & August Wilson Consortium

William Stallwood

Here to Fringespire You
Art Isn’t Easy

Jake O’Brien

How To Dance
Sean Thomas Boyt

Harrison Stengle

Knowledge Lost
Difference Engine

Learning the Controls Rachel Sima

Miscellaneous Space Odyssey
Jenny Kessler

Digital Art Showcase
Philly Game Mechanics

My Friend, Anthony
Dolores Miller

My Year Without A Man
Katherine Nigh aka Titsy Rose

Noiseless Space

Non Science Fiction Double Non Feature
Love Drunk Life, LLC

Random Access Memories
Benjamin Andrew

Reset Hard
Daniel Shumway

Satori Hue Protocol
Corey Waite Arnold, Spencer Edgers, Jason Corbett

Michael Stauffer

We’ve traveled So Far
William Stallwood

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