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Fringe Festival

17 days. 1000+ performances. A city alive with contemporary art.

September 2019

The Fringe Festival is a 17-day, city-wide celebration of innovation and creativity in contemporary performance. Each September, the Festival explodes into every nook and cranny in neighborhoods across Philadelphia with more than 1,000 artistically daring performances, including national and international performances curated by FringeArts, and works that are produced by independent artists and promoted by FringeArts. The party continues late night, every night, with music, food and drink at the FringeArts center on the Delaware River waterfront. This vast assemblage of curated and self-produced innovators offers an unparalleled opportunity to see a cross section of the world’s greatest experimenters at one time, in one city.

For artists and companies interested in participating in the Fringe Festival, registration is open now through June 3rd. Learn more here.

For those who love to dance and are interested in participating in a Fringe Festival show, learn more about Úumbal: Nomadic Choreography for Inhabitants by Marianna Arteaga here.

The full 2019 Fringe Festival lineup will be announced in Summer 2019.

Feature photo by JJ Tiziou Photography.

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