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2018 Festival Spotlight: Comedy and Improv

Posted August 25th, 2018

Fringe artists are known for keeping audiences on their toes. Laugh out loud at these joyous comedy and improv shows that will leave you smiling and breathless.

An Unofficial, Unauthorized Tour of LOVE Park
Rose Luardo / Kate Banford
An interactive, questions-encouraged tour of LOVE Park with a completely legitimate, highly respected, and 100% real tour company. At each stop on this mind-bending guided walk through the park, facts will be manipulated and reality will melt. Maybe a bush will talk to you? And maybe that bush invented love. Presented by Philadelphia Parks & Recreation and the Fairmount Park Conservancy.
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Darlings: Kill Us Please
Good Good Comedy Theatre
Darlings: Kill Us Please is the debut Fringe show from Darlings, a collective of Philadelphia’s most celebrated comedic heartthrobs. We’ve gutted the innards of a full year’s worth of shows at Good Good Comedy Theatre and only left in the juiciest bits and chunks.
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Day of Absence
Flying Quilt Productions in association with Iron Age Theatre
A rousing, thoughtful comedy, Day of Absence explores the dilemma of an unnamed Southern town awakening to find all black folk…gone! Who will tend the children? Who will do the menial work? Who really wears the mask? As relevant today as it was when it was written in 1965. Maybe even more so…
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The FREN BANKLIN Experience
J. O’Neill
Have you ever wondered about the revolutionary history of your Philadelphia home? Allow Fren Banklin, the notoriously unreliable cousin of Ben Franklin, to regale you with the fascinating stories buried beneath your floorboards. One ticket covers as many guests as you can fit within your personal dwelling place!
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Kylie Westerbeck
Meet Peg…the ultimate lover of glitter, dogs, Costco, and 80s dance music. Join her in fulfilling her lifelong dream of creating her self-titled talk show, Peg! In this improvisational structured show, we talk about life through the lens of a midwestern gal who’s “having the time of her life.”
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Pillow Talk
Cambridge Footlights / Philly Improv Theater
Expect free-flowing hilarity from the Cambridge Footlights, “the most renowned sketch troupe of them all” (Independent), as they embark on their 2018 world tour, performing to over 20,000 people across two continents.
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Real America
American Express Comedy / Philly Improv Theater
American Express Comedy (AmEx) explores the bizarre nature of the nation’s current state through a collection of absurd comedy sketches and “real” issues. Take a glimpse at some social and historical themes of our great nation through a colored lens as this show redefines what it means to be a “Real American.”
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Jennifer Blaine
Escape into the absurd humor of Jennifer Blaine as she wrestles the ridiculous—from motherhood to the patriarchy to bestiality. Blaine, “whose comic genius is like Lily Tomlin and Tracey Ullman” (Philadelphia Daily News), invites us to honor ourselves despite a world of interruption and disruption. We can start somewhere, begin to protest, but remember to celebrate.
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