Go Deeper Fringe Festival 2016 Spotlight: Shows Exploring LGBTQ+ Identity

Fringe Festival 2016 Spotlight: Shows Exploring LGBTQ+ Identity

Posted August 23rd, 2016

Check out this eclectic mix of independent Fringe shows from the artists of the LGBTQ+ community!

an obviously foggot

(Image by Geoffrey Douglas)

An Obviously Foggot @ iCandy

Poison Apple Initiative

“So you’ve got a group of people who fetishize masculinity, who’re emasculated their whole lives, and you stick them in this place with all this booze and drugs and hierarchy. What’d you think was gonna happen?” A collision of found text, broken pop, and dance parties confronting internalized homophobia in gay bars. More info and tickets here.



Photo by Monique Baron

(Photo by Monique Baron)

BIG CRUNCH @ Vox Populi

TOLVA/Sam Congdon

The world has gone rigid. Gender roles are strictly enforced by a ruthless government. There is a queer rage bubbling up through one cyborg’s circuitry, but can a single robot bring it all down? A queer sci-fi odyssey of self-discovery and rebellion blending solo performance, experimental electronic music, and video. More info and tickets here.



Photo by Steve Belkowitz

(Photo by Steve Belkowitz)

Carried Away @ JUNK Studio

Brian Sanders’ JUNK

I end up here, shame under pride, head on locker, denim near denim, skin against satin, disco within punk, leather around wrists, fist off canvas, lips about nape, hand for hand, looking back in time. I was carried away. More info and tickets here.



Photo by C. Walker

(Photo by C. Walker)


Fire in My Bones: A Gospel Jubilee @ First Unitarian Church of Philadelphia

Cookie Diorio & Jillian Zack

Drag songstress Cookie Diorio and international pianist Jillian Zack roll out a program of soul shaking, high-heel stomping, wig whipping gospel songs. Come and let your troubles be spirited away by the good word, a good laugh, and some of that good ol’ time religion. More info and tickets here.


happy yummy chickenHappy Yummy Chicken @ William Way LGBT Community Center

Love Drunk Life

Two men create a musical inspired by a news story of a woman sitting in a chicken restaurant for two months after a breakup. A satire of true events, the film takes an outrageous and poignant view of the insane things we do for love and musical theater. Stars Taryn Manning, Diane Guerrero, Suzzanne Douglas, Emma Myles.  More info and tickets here.


Photo by Alexander Scott Rioh

(Image by Alexander Scott Rioh)

The Children of Edgar and Nina @ William Way LGBT Community Center

Jarrett McCreary and Bridget Reynolds

Felix and Luc are wandering through different paths of what it means to be black. When those paths cross, what they learn may be more than meets the eye. Fall through time as Venus uses her magic of music and poetry to explore emotion, intimacy, and what it truly means to be vulnerable in the modern world. More info and tickets here.


Photo by Zach Snyder

(Image by Zach Snyder)

Sword of the Unicorn @ The Proscenium Theatre at the Drake

New Works

Dinosaurs, aliens, and bears oh my! Sword of the Unicorn at the Drake Theatre will blow your mind with pure awesomeness. The dark dragon rules over the cosmos. Travel through space, fight mythical beasts, and clam the a weapon of ultimate power. This sci-fi fantasy epic will compel you in ways you never felt possible. More info and tickets here.


Photo by Neal Santos

(Photo by Neal Santos)

Wroughtland @ The Latvian Society

Gunnar Montana

Gunnar Montana transports us once again, this time to a land where fairy tales take a wicked turn, and the innocent and optimistic stories of happily-ever-after wrought into the harsh realities of life. Let go of your fantasies and succumb to the evil that lurks under the surface of your fondest childhood memories. More info and tickets here.