Go Deeper 2016 Fringe Festival Spotlight: Emerging Artists in the Fringe

2016 Fringe Festival Spotlight: Emerging Artists in the Fringe

Posted September 15th, 2016

Are you looking through the guidebook and not sure what shows to see? Check out these performances by young artists who are producing shows for the first time in the Fringe!



wise norlina @ Sculpture Courtyard
Stacy Collado, Hillary Pearson, Kat J. Sullivan

A compilation of works by Stacy Collado, Hillary Pearson, and Kat J. Sullivan exploring
childlike idealisms in abstracted and conceptual structures. wise norlina uses theatrical sensibilities and an interplay of various ideas to transform space, shape, color, and form. Click here for tickets and more info!



Hot Dog @ The Iron Factory

A Hot Dog walks into a bar: an exploration, a celebration of sacred space and absurdity. Come one, come all and join us for a night of fun and games, thrills and chills and a few surprises along the way. Click here for more info a tickets!



the performers

The Performers @ University City Arts League

Ericka Janko

First rule of performing: no one knows what’s going on, but I know what I’m supposed to do. The performance is in progress. The performance is now. Includes movement, projection, discussion, and maybe even dancing. Live electronic music by Nirvaan Ranganathan. The performers will be there. Let’s see what happens. Click here for tickets and more info! 

Dutch Masters_AMH ProductionsDutch Masters @ Strangelove’s
AMH productions

Manhattan, 1992: Two young men from opposite sides of the poverty line share a chance encounter in an empty subway car. What starts off as a tenuous relationship, quickly becomes something altogether much more difficult to compass. This play weaves a thrilling mystery into a frank discussion about personal prejudice. Click here for tickets and more info!


Nip @ Tattooed Mom

Amanda Holston & Noemi Charlotte Thieves

Blonde Mona, a feminist burlesque dancer with a killing streak, embarks on her farewell tour across Canada, leaving a trail of dead girls in her wake. Banking on good company and an even better alibi, she enlists her childhood best friend as the driver and ends up with a teen tag-a-long coming of age in the backseat. A macabre look at the hypocrisies of contemporary womanhood, Nip asks us who’s really sucking on who? Click here for tickets and more info!


underratedthe underrated act of talking to oneself @ The Rotunda
femme. collective

Founded in “jouska,” the hypothetical and often lively conversation one has with oneself, femme. collective presents an invitation to experience the tension and slack, anxiety and catharsis that releases from the familiar, and often underrated, activity of talking to yourself. Click here for tickets and more info!