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2019 Fringe Festival Spotlight: Accessibility

Posted August 15th, 2019

FringeArts is committed to being of Philadelphia, for Philadelphia. As an artistic and cultural institution in this city, we take seriously our responsibility to be accessible to every Philadelphian, at every entryway. From our ticket-buying process to arriving at an event, the performances themselves to our post-show experiences, we are working hard to continuously improve our accessibility and that of our participating Fringe Festival artists and venues. These 2019 Fringe Festival accessible shows are opening up performing arts to a larger audience by offering various services.

Look out for accessibility icons in the Fringe Festival guide show and on show webpages for more listings. For information on wheelchair accessibility, select the “wheelchair accessible” category (under features) on the shows page.

Kanez Schaal and Christopher Myers
Five young people from around the world map their histories, their memories, and their futures. Combining simple storytelling and interactive video technology, this is theater for our times, theater for all ages, theater at its most relevant.
Relaxed Performance on September 15
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Gay Mis
Eric Jaffe
If you like Les Misérables, you’ll LOVE Gay Mis! Join us for a queer, drag queen–infused parody of everyone’s favorite musical! Join Parmesan, Jabear, Fontina, Epanini and the whole gang as they go on a journey through time, space, and cheese. Visit for more information.
ASL interpretation on September 8 (at 7pm)
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Is This A Room: Reality Winner Verbatim Transcription
Tina Satter / Half Straddle
June 2017. FBI agents pay a surprise visit to the home of Reality Winner, a linguist suspected of leaking evidence of Russian interference into our elections. This real-life thriller stages the transcript of the conversation between 25-year-old Reality and the agents who confront and arrest her.
ASL interpretation on September 14
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Pursuit of Happinessfringe festival accessible shows open captioning at pursuit of happiness
Nature Theater of Oklahoma / EN-KNAP Group
Part barn dance, part movie pitch, part comedy of manners. New York–based Nature Theater of Oklahoma and internationally renowned Slovenian dance troupe EN-KNAP Group follow the American Dream from a Wild West saloon to the battlefields of Iraq.
Open captioning on September 20 + 21
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RE: SHE, a litany of adventures
the after-image
Born into a lineage of hate, a band of modern-day explorers exhumes an unseen but cancerous tale. As they awaken alternative stories, some must atone for their sins and those they’ve inherited, while others must avenge wrongs still ongoing. If they don’t, they may write the next chapter in this horrific penny dreadful.
ASL interpretation on September 20
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See Amid the Winter Snow
It’s Christmastime in September! Join our lovable snowman for a drink as he narrates the Yuletide pandemonium that is the tale of Mitchell Claus and Daisy Scarlett. Their love story is threatened when a blackmail scandal emerges in Santa’s workshop amid Mrs. Claus’s critical re-election bid for mayor of the North Pole.
Audio description on September 21
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Since They Left: A Pied Piper Musical
Sarah Hough, Nick Hatcher
Featuring a cast of women and nonbinary performers, this musically diverse adaptation of the Pied Piper story explores the oppression by their own society of women, people with disabilities, freelance artists, and children. Mystery to myth, myth to story, story to poem, and all pain fades.
Open captioning for all performances available upon request, contact
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fringe festival accessible shows ASL interpretation at sneakersSneakers
Nichole Canuso Dance
When someone departs your life they also enter it in a new way. Created and performed by Nichole Canuso (Wandering Alice, TAKES, The Garden, Pandæmonium) in collaboration with director Suli Holum, Sneakers is an elegy for what has gone, and a tender tumble through what remains. “Impressive fluency and unassuming humor” (The New York Times).
ASL interpretation on September 8
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There: In the Light and the Darkness of the Self and of the Other
Blanka Zizka and Rosa Barba with the Wilma HotHouse
Under the direction of innovative director Blanka Zizka and visual arts pioneer Rosa Barba, the acclaimed Wilma HotHouse Comapany adapts a book-length meditation on conflict and identity by Lebanese American poet Etel Adnan.
Open captioning on September 22
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Un Poyo Rojofringe festival accessible shows audio description at un poyo rojo
Un Poyo Rojo
Sport. Humor. Sexuality. Argentinian duo Un Poyo Rojo explores the range of different relationships between two men in this piece of nonverbal theater. The performers mine elements of dance, acrobatics, miming, and other expressive forms, probing the boundaries of our bodily and spiritual interactions.
Audio description on September 21
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Check out our accessibility page for a description of what to expect when you come to a performance at FringeArts and the accessibility services we offer. To request additional accessibility services for a specific performance, please email